Xavier Bisbe, graphic designer who won several awards in this field, since at the municipal level to the world, was one of the first artists who believed in the immense potential of the computer, the machine was captivated from the outset and was throw all kinds of research-based computing solutions. It was the first to assemble information points multimedia touch screens in the late eighties.

  Earlier this century, some missed the essence of painting, he returned to brushes with renewed hopes and with all the accumulated baggage of the time computing. The smell of turpentine, brush the paste, the contact with nature ombre easel planted under a tree, sensations are no longer living drawing electronically.

  For Xavier Bisbe, painting begins in search of support, old woods where time has left its mark on a work of centuries.
  Once recovered and ready to house painting, must choose the appropriate reason for each one, looking for more polished surface enquibir it the center of interest, leaving the parties most damaged by the accessory elements of the work.
Timber very corcades or broken to give the painting a special texture that gives many possibilities painting, but having to deal with the irregularity of the support to achieve the desired result.
Landscapes, portraits, still lifes, nudes, carefully treated, with fair detail without overloading and leaving the wood to breathe, these are their weapons.

Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona - 6 de febrer del 2005
Salle Becmil, Salindres a 5 km. d'Alès (França) del 30 de març al 4 d'abril del 2005.
Sala d'exposicions del Centre de Serveis de l'Estartit. Del 6 al 30 de maig del 2005.
ARINSAL Hotel Princesa Park. Del 18 al 21 d'Agost.
Retro-Motor. Platja d'Aro 18 de setembre de 2005
Fontcoberta (Banyoles)  del 21 de gener al 5 de febrer 2006
Expoarte Città di Montichiari (Italia) 30/11 - 3/12 2006
Sala Barna – Barcelona – Maig 2006
Galeria Pablo Ruiz - Málaga - Gener - Setembre 2007
Galeria Punt d'Art - Girona -Juliol 2007
8ème Salon d'Automne de Sorèze - 8-22 de setembre 2007
Galeria Punt d'Art - Girona - Desembre 2007- Gener 2008
Galeria Botó de Roda - Torroella de Montgrí - Nadal 2007/2008
Capella de Sant Andreu - Ullà - Octubre 2009
Centre de serveis de l'Estartit - Octubre 2010
Capella de Sant Andreu - Ullà - Octubre 2010

  Forthcoming exhibitions:
Hotel Sol Vielha - Vielha (Val d'Aran) Winter 2010-2011
Ajuntament de Les (Val d'Aran) Spring 2011

  Work in permanence:
XB estudi - Torroella de Montgrí
Galeria Traç d'Art - l'Estartit
Galeries Puigcerdà - Puigcerdà

First prize in the poster competition for the Festival of Torroella 1981
Spanish Winner on the Contest Design for computer CorelDraw! 1991
Third ranked global design contest for PC CorelDRAW! 1992
Special Mention on the contest to design computer CorelDraw! 1993


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